10 Tips Profit Consistent Forex Trading for Beginners

10 Tips Profit Consistent Forex Trading for Beginners

Are you looking for Tips Consistent Forex Trading Profit?
the good news is that you have found a suitable article to read. In this article we will discuss 10 Tips for Consistent Profit Forex Trading for Beginners

Everyone who starts trading wants to become a successful trader. But many beginners lose a lot of money in a short amount of time, usually because of a misstep. This article gives various suggestions so that you don't become one of these traders. Although these suggestions do not guarantee that you will become a successful trader, it can at least help you not to lose money easily when trading. Here are 10 suggestions for beginner traders, to avoid catastrophic losses and maximize your potential in trading stocks, forex, or gold.

1. Have the right knowledge before trading

Beginner traders should increase their knowledge before starting a trader like a technical analysis or fundamental analysis. People who start trading are usually too eager, direct trading, because they think trading is easy. Without true knowledge it is like advancing a war without weapons. As a result, the age of the account only lasts as long as corn or shorter. Traders who do not want to learn, will pay dearly with endless trading capital. Noteworthy is not just any knowledge that you have to look for, but knowledge about correct trading. Many beginners just get lost learning about trading. As a result, the wrong mindset is formed about trading too. In his mind trading is easy, trading is a quick way to get rich, trading is just analysis and so on. If you want to learn about trading it is advisable to look for bona fide sources.


2. Trading on the right instruments

You must choose what to trade. Trade according to ability and risk that can be taken. I was contacted a lot by people who wanted to learn trading options. When I asked if I knew about stocks, I answered that I didn't know at all. This is awesome. Though options are a derivative of shares. Don't understand the shares but want to trade options immediately. It's just the same as wanting to learn boxing, but wanting to fight with a heavyweight champion. Guaranteed ridiculous. Many people like this, want to directly trade forex, gold, indexes, but do not know that their abilities are still not able to trade there. For beginners it is recommended to trade stocks first, then if you have consistent profit you can switch to forex, then gold, then index. Beginners who trade stocks also need to choose what trading in the stock. For beginners it is recommended to trade in blue chip stocks which are relatively not much fluctuating. If you are a beginner stock trader, you like fried stock trading so get ready for a lot of deposits rarely withdraw.


3. Choose the right broker

The selection of brokers is very important, because especially for many forex brokers who are naughty. Unfortunately, I was tired of trading, the money was taken away by the broker. Check the broker's track record, legality, registered where. After that, check the facilities and features provided. Is the software good to use, complete features, and so on. Customize brokerage services with your trading style. You should read how to choose a broker


4. Start with a small amount of money

One of the best tips for trading is to start with a small amount of funds. After consistently adding new profits. Large amounts of funds do not guarantee easier trading. The same. If you can't trade properly, use a million, a billion, and a trillion will still be used up.


5. Be realistic

Be realistic about trading results. Don't think about trading for living just yet. Unless you are extremely fortunate, don't expect to change trading capital of $ 100 to $ 100,000 in an instant. Instead the focus of trading is actually survival. If you expect too much, you will only be disappointed, frustrated, desperate and ultimately fail. From the beginning of trading, think and be realistic (unless you are very, very lucky). Unfortunately there is no one who is very, very lucky.


6. Have a Trading System

Traders should have a trading system, so they know when to enter and exit the market. As a result the trader is not confused, and is not easily tossed around by the market. He has confidence in himself. Trading system must be complete, starting from the analysis techniques, money management and risk.


7. Discipline

After having a trading system, traders must be disciplined to run it. Unfortunately, this often does not happen. Trader failures generally occur because they do not adhere to a predetermined trading system. Especially regarding the rules of market exit or cut loss. Most traders do not want to cut loss, as a result the losses accumulate super swollen. The trader finally ends with a margin call or the money runs out.


8. Correct Trading Psychology

Many traders underestimate the psychological aspects of trading. Though emotions that are not awake can destroy trading performance. The emotions of greed and fear greatly affect trading performance. Many trading cases that were initially smooth, eventually ended up falling apart due to emotional factors.


9. Record Success and Failure

Record trading track records, learn what can be improved. A successful trader usually takes notes, journals of trading activity where he carefully finds out what works and what doesn't. By using a journal, you will know weaknesses that need to be fixed.


10. If it fails, try again in a better way

Being a successful trader is evolution, it takes a long process and learning. Many traders fail before becoming successful. If it fails, you just need to try again better. Use trading and learning journals to improve trading quality. Don't make the same mistake.


You have read the 10 Consistent Forex Trading Tips for Beginners, hopefully they will be useful for your future trading

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